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Best of Booba Dj Mixtape (French Gangster Rapper)

Mixtape Title: Booba Greatest Hits
Type: French Gangster Hip Hop/ Rap Mixtape
Tags: Best of Booba Dj Mix
Best of Booba Dj Mixtape (French Gangster Rapper)Description: Born: 9 December 1976. Élie Yaffa, better known under his stage name Booba, is a French rapper. After a brief stint as a break dancer in the early 1990s, Booba partnered with his friend Ali to form Lunatic. The duo released a critically acclaimed album in 2000 but disbanded in 2003. Wikipedia


Playing thest Booba songs

  • OKLM
  • Madrina
  • Petite fille
  • DKR
  • PGP
  • Validée
  • Scarface
  • 92i Veyron
  • Kalash
  • Au Bout De Mes Rêves
  • Comme une étoile
  • Boulbi
  • BB
  • Friday
  • Tony Sosa
  • Tallac
  • Trône
  • Walabok
  • Double Poney
  • Tombé Pour Elle
  • Turfu
  • Pittbull
  • Paname
  • Gotham
  • Zer
  • Parlons peu
  • N°10
  • Jour de paye
  • A.C. Milan
  • Génération assassin
  • Wesh Morray
  • LVMH

and more……..

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